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5.12 k/d ratio
18905 kills · 3692 deaths · 7512 wins · 246 levels · 6500 credits

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I am 16 and in 11th grade. I'm top 5th winner, top winner in skywars and have second highest kills, i am crew and have known the staff member derpygirl11 for 3 years, I am a windows 10 user, my discord is AnimeNerdSoul#7496.

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Wins summary:
Build Battle wins: 3BlockHunt wins: 3
Battle Royale wins: 9Bedwars wins: 378
Duels wins: 17Murder Mystery wins: 4290
Races (N/A) wins: 45Soccer wins: 40
Survival Games (N/A) wins: 9SkyWars wins: 2718