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Hello. I am the Director of Human Resources. I work in the HR, operations, applications, player support, and discord moderation departments and work in the artist position. You can contact me on the discord server ngmc.co/d.

Guild: Indian Tech Support

Wins summary:
Build Battle (N/A) wins: 3Block Hunt (N/A) wins: 3
Battle Royale (N/A) wins: 10Bedwars wins: 576
Duels wins: 67Murder Mystery wins: 5388
Races (N/A) wins: 45Soccer (N/A) wins: 41
Survival Games (N/A) wins: 9SkyWars wins: 3792

Factions statistics:
Join date: 10-08-2019 Coins: $167366
Kills: 26Power: 3422
Success Rate: 0Bounty: $10000

Faction: NetherGames
Leader: k3ithos Strength: 65725
Balance: $205691613
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