7.95 k/d ratio
11171 kills · 1405 deaths · 4156 wins · 142 levels · 0 credits

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um yeah i'm actually probably quitting minecraft for a while.Yeah thats it.Thats all I wanted to say.Also shoutout to these players really cool people to be around CarlottaCGG,WaxAhmed303,Cookie1035,Girlgamer4186,Lemmyplayz17Harrisonissocat,Purple Viperpie,Gamergirl36l,Legendary Graf,Ravencellaedw,Greenbamboo123,Alxnderempire,Timberhines123,SearingGibbon24cujowilliams123,IncludedIsasaac56,Slickbamboo2005,and more people. sorry if I forgot to mention you big OOF on my part.Welp cya bai. P.S whoever is reading this u are a creep and should be ashamed.

Wins summary:
Build Battle wins: 2BlockHunt wins: 20
Battle Royale wins: 1Bedwars wins: 123
Duels wins: 124Murder Mystery wins: 3513
Soccer wins: 1SkyWars wins: 335