ben25536 miller Silver Crew Legend

5.19 k/d ratio
12237 kills · 2360 deaths · 3547 wins · 161 levels · 675 credits

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1 hour ago on EU-SW1 offline


Hi! Im Ben25536 Miller. I Love To Play Skywars, And Love To Duel People Is You Would Like To Send Me A Request To Duel You May Here- Ben25536 Miller#0479 Send Me A Duel Request Anytime I'm Online! Also Sub To My YouTube Channel At Ben25536 Miller!

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Wins summary:
Battle Royale (N/A) wins: 10Bedwars wins: 127
Duels wins: 183Murder Mystery wins: 434
Races (N/A) wins: 3Soccer (N/A) wins: 1
SkyWars wins: 2789