denise avila

4.32 k/d ratio
6645 kills · 1538 deaths · 5047 wins · 154 levels · 0 credits

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I’m Always On Battle Royale.Don’t Really Have A Life,I Mean It! My Life Is Very Depressing As Well As Myself.Also,If You Don’t Like Sarcastic/Funny/Weird People Then You Won’t Like Me.Shawn Peter Raul Mendes Is My Everything :) Shawn Mendes Self-Titled Album Is Out Now :):):) Also,I’m A Mobile Player. “Music Is My Therapy” I Rage Very Badly And Get Salty And I Mean VERY Salty When People Kill Me ;););) Real Music Till The Day We Die~NF

Wins summary:
Battle Royale wins: 4092Bedwars wins: 129
Duels wins: 523Murder Mystery wins: 233
Races (N/A) wins: 33Soccer wins: 12
Survival Games (N/A) wins: 7SkyWars wins: 17