goldkarma911456 Legend

1.41 k/d ratio
1309 kills · 930 deaths · 1412 wins · 114 levels · 13 credits

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Why Hello there! My name is GoldK911 and I love to play Murder Mystery and Skywars! I used to play Bedwars, but I am waiting for it to be updated. I play with my friend, CujoWilliams123, and we do some pretty cool things on stream! We recently started a castle build in 7;-6 and 6;-6 in Platinum Plots! I am working my way to Gold, and am trying to grind Keys, and credits. Hope You Enjoyed reading this! You can reach me on my discord, Goldiek#6730

Wins summary:
Build Battle (N/A) wins: 2Block Hunt (N/A) wins: 2
Battle Royale (N/A) wins: 60Bedwars wins: 122
Duels wins: 11Murder Mystery wins: 1095
Races (N/A) wins: 5Soccer (N/A) wins: 3
SkyWars wins: 112

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