icekiller2018 Ruby Mod Legend

1.14 k/d ratio
11751 kills · 10347 deaths · 2024 wins · 155 levels · 7160 credits

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Sup! My name is icyboy but u may know me as icekiller or ice, and I love playing skywars and murder mystery and other games within ng, oh and also these are my contacts, if u want to play with me or just wanna talk ( discord : IceKiller#5412, Xbox : icekiller2018). And I think that's all peace!

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Wins summary:
Build Battle wins: 1Bedwars wins: 186
Duels (N/A) wins: 10Murder Mystery wins: 95
Soccer wins: 4Survival Games (N/A) wins: 1
SkyWars wins: 1727