obsessedtea4208 Gold Legend

2.53 k/d ratio
14505 kills · 5730 deaths · 3221 wins · 156 levels · 3635 credits

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I’m the friendly enderman that’s always hanging out on Skywars, Murder Mystery, and Duels. I am an IOS iPad player. Add me on discord as TheEnderKnight #2255 Stats About Me in Nethergames: Skywars|Favorite Map: Memorial| Favorite Kit: Prince|Favorite Thing to do in SW: KB Abuse Murder Mystery|Favorite Map: Library|Favorite Role obviously Murderer| Favorite Thing to do in MM: I am stone challenges Duels|Favorite Mode: Sumo|Favorite Duels Mode: Overpowered|Favorite Thing to do in Duels: WINNNNNNNN!!!!!

Wins summary:
Bedwars wins: 264Duels wins: 58
Murder Mystery wins: 325SkyWars wins: 2574