purple viperpie Sapphire Legend

9.00 k/d ratio
21506 kills · 2389 deaths · 18775 wins · 397 levels · 3361 credits

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I'm so tired of pretending. Where's my happy ending? I followed all the rules. I drew inside the lines. I never asked for anything that wasn't mine. I waited patiently for my time. But when it finally came. He called her name and not mine.

Guild: Sinners

Wins summary:
Build Battle (N/A) wins: 6Block Hunt (N/A) wins: 4
Battle Royale (N/A) wins: 38Bedwars wins: 437
Duels wins: 36Murder Mystery wins: 13018
SkyWars wins: 5236

Factions statistics:
Join date: 17-08-2019 Coins: $2362248
Kills: 96Power: 65938
Success Rate: 149Bounty: $0

Faction: 7th
Leader: almightykiro Strength: 590
Balance: $0
Officers: Members: