r0xg4mer Bronze Legend

1.76 k/d ratio
5153 kills · 2928 deaths · 2000 wins · 138 levels · 240 credits

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3 days ago offline


A very mysterious person. A NetherGames Support Staff If you need anything, hmu on discord : R0XG4MER (You should be able to find me on the NG discord)

Wins summary:
Build Battle wins: 1Block Hunt wins: 2
Battle Royale wins: 90Bedwars wins: 18
Duels (N/A) wins: 13Murder Mystery wins: 1182
Races (N/A) wins: 3Soccer wins: 5
Survival Games (N/A) wins: 134SkyWars wins: 546
TNT Run (N/A) wins: 6