the minecity Diamond

0.84 k/d ratio
9550 kills · 11385 deaths · 2906 wins · 175 levels · 2048 credits

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7 hours ago on US-SW1 offline


hi guys my name is faiz and im from indonesian and subscribe my channel YT LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF5QGG-m37CTrstJTFwZhlg follow me in discord the minecity#6511 favorite kit;energix ,pyro,hunter favorite game;skywars and factions

Guild: Indian Tech Support

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Wins summary:
Block Hunt (N/A) wins: 1Bedwars wins: 128
Duels wins: 321Murder Mystery wins: 445
Soccer (N/A) wins: 6SkyWars wins: 2005

Factions statistics:
Join date: 09-08-2019 Coins: $4039109
Kills: 50Power: 377311
Success Rate: 662Bounty: $0

Faction: MCSlayers
Leader: MaxRuffles321 Strength: 4250
Balance: $0
Officers: Members: