uniquezephlyn Director Legend

1.54 k/d ratio
2862 kills · 1859 deaths · 2159 wins · 88 levels · 30 credits

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Hi, I’m UniqueZephlyn. Special mentions for people who play here and I know well - Momma5d: Awesome community manager and a good friend. - Driesboy: Excellent coder and executive. - K3ithos: Wonderful head administrator and very wise. - Babos: Very cool bird, a legend. - ImNotMadMCPE: Very cool friend, a fun person to be around. - The whole staff team in general, as you guys are excellent :)

Wins summary:
Build Battle wins: 2BlockHunt wins: 1
Bedwars wins: 63Murder Mystery wins: 1999
Races (N/A) wins: 1Soccer wins: 4
SkyWars wins: 89